I’ve always been jealous of the methods for assignments Michael Smith and the rest of the ds106 group can use.  Those methods seem to fit the topic of storytelling much better than the topic of research methods in Psychology.  I was thinking about this last week and just decided to “brute force” research methods into one of their assignments.  And it worked!  At least for me.  In 15 minutes I generated several macros based on the next two chapters in my research methods textbook (the chapter on theories and the chapter on statistics).

and I just posted the following assignment on Bb:

This week and next week: Research Method Macros

A “Macro” (or technically, an image macro) is when text is superimposed on an image. The macro is a popular internet meme   (or this).

You are probably familiar with macro-based memes having seen them on the internet.

Several sites have made creating macros easy by providing meme-based stock images and web-based applications to add text.

Here are a few popular ones:

And there are some existing psychology memes:

Psychology student platypus

Psychology major rat


Chapter 3 – Theories

First, read the material above on memes and macros and learn about the memes.

Then, I would like you to create three macros based on the material in chapter 3. Please, you’ll see why in a minute, place each of your macros in an separate post.

Here are a few examples I made:

[see above]

Notice that I matched the statement to the meme.  For example, the phrase, “I’m using a test, it’s not reliable or valid” doesn’t make much sense by itself.  But I superimposed it over a picture of “Clueless Claire” so it means using a test which isn’t reliable or valid is clueless (which I hope you remember when writing your research proposals).

This is due Wednesday night. By Thursday night, I would like you to rate the macros. You will vote using the stars in the corner of the post. Click on the stars – more stars, a higher rating.

We’ll be doing the same thing next week for chapter 4.

About William Ashton

I'm an associate professor in the Behavioral Sciences Department and the Director of the York College Honors Program. I'm a social psychologist and currently my research project is in attribution theory, blame and sexual assault. I teach Social Psych, I/O Psych, Organizational Behavior and Research Methods.
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