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Unfortunately, faculty are as much in the dark about what is going on at York and what will happen as you are.

York has been housing evacuees from Queens.  Unlike Manhattan, Queens evacuees’ homes have been damaged and are unlivable, so there is no place for them to “go home” to.  Yesterday York staff was trying very hard to get the evacuees out of the AC building but FEMA seems to have not been helpful.

What this means is that I don’t know if we will be back tomorrow.  Also, we’ve lost over 9 instruction days (almost twice as long as other CUNY colleges).  York has been trying to make up a plan to make up the missed days but two factors prevent us: 1. we don’t know how many days we will be out and need to make up and 2 . we are concerned about our students — many of you have damaged homes, no power, no internet or no homes.

I’ve avoided online assignments over the past two weeks because I’ve known that many of you have no power or internet.  But we need to begin.

This will be a graded assignment due by Friday night.

Go to the Sandy discussion forum and answer these questions:

1. Are you and your family okay?  I’m concerned.
2. What is the current state of your ability to work online?  The same as before Sandy?  No internet?  No computer?
3. How difficult would it be for you to work online like we were before?  Very difficult?  The Starbucks has internet so I’d have to work there … etc.

If I don’t hear from you by Friday night, I’ll assume you didn’t get this message or have no internet.




1. Are you and your family okay?

Yes, my wife and dog and I were very lucky. Tho I did spend all day Monday during Sandy looking at this tree which is over my house, we were okay. Had power and internet the whole storm.
Other people in my neighborhood were not so lucky

fallen tree 2

2. What is the current state of your ability to work online? Same as before.
3. How difficult would it be for you to work online like we were before? n/a

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